With our regulation-size, indoor soccer, goal your athlete will truly be able to train in an environment that simulates what they would be doing outdoors.

  • Our training regimen focuses on skills that every goalie at any level or age should master.
  • Covering balls coming across the middle of the net.
  • On field Communication
  • How to properly dive for a ball but keeping yourself protected.
  • Reading Opponents
  • Switching fields with ball
  • Six Yard kicks
  • Coming out of goal and using your feet.
  • Boxing
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Quickness/Agility
  • How to cut down short angles.

Who we are.

98 Sports is a new, local indoor sports facility built for the purpose of supporting local youth sports groups, teams, businesses and the community in general.

Our field is designed to make sure you have the best sporting experience you can have and with close friends, teammates, trainers and/or coaches.

At 98 sports we will host soccer, lacrosse, flag football, dodgeball leagues in addition to offering camps, facility rental, business team building and more. The leagues and training will be hosted all year long while you are trying to stay out of the heat or cold. Our field has installed the highest quality of artificial indoor turf there available. For absolute competitive-play we have designed it this way to move fast and enjoyable. Our leagues and games will mostly consist of 3v3 and 4v4. Every sport will have leagues for all ages and be broken down into groups. A variety of camps will be offered to complement specific age groups. The Facility will be made available to local trainers and coaches for the purpose of providing their own individualized training for their players. 98 will also be offering team building “camps” for local business looking get their employees out of the office for the day to “de-stress” and have some fun.

We don’t want to tell our dreams. We Want to show them.

Christiano Ronaldo